Welcome to Event Tents LLC.  Listed below are our prices. 

Tax is not included.  Events outside of Sheridan, WY will incur additional mileage costs.  

Credit card payment is available with a 3% service charge.  Please call with any questions.

               All prices include delivery / pickup and set up / tear down of tents.


80 x 60          Holds 350 people          $3,200.00      All Tents listed include sidewalls and lighting.

40 x 120        Holds 350 people          $3,200.00             Cathedral sidewalls available as well.

30 x 90          Holds 200 people          $1,800.00                  (Hot like a greenhouse in the sun).

40 x 60          Holds 150 people          $1,600.00

30 x 75          Holds 125 people          $1,300.00

30 x 60          Holds 100 people          $1,200.00

30 x 45          Holds 75 people            $1,000.00

30 x 30          Holds 50 people            $750.00

20 X 40          Holds 75 people            $1,000.00

​20 X 20          Holds 30 people             $450.00


Tables 30" x 8'          Seats 8-10 people   (30 Available )             $12 / per table

60" Round Tables     Seats 8 people        (30 Available)              $16 / per table

Folding Chairs White            (Up to 350 chairs)                           $2 / per chair


DJ Services                  (5 hours)        $600/per night

       Floor                                              $250


TRAVEL   20 Miles outside Sheridan, WY. $2.50 a Mile


                                                  AMERICAN LIMO BUS

This Bus holds up to 35 passengers and comes with a Driver and Hostess for all trips.

                     Available for Daily or longer charters any where you desire.

Package Trips to Dead Wood, Denver, Riverton, Billings, Skiing, Concerts, Reno,Vegas and more.

Local Hourly rate of $185.00 an Hr. with a 4 Hr. Minimum.

Out of Area Charters start at $1,150.00 a day.  Then $2.50 a mile after 250 miles.

Over night trips will consist of additional fees for hotel, meals for Driver / Hostess.

All private trips will include a 10% additional tip rate for employees. Personal tips not included.

Meals, snacks, and specialty drinks will be made available upon request with additional fees applied.


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Established in 2010, Event Tents LLC was initially just an idea of an event planner.  But it became a reality. Now home to more than hundreds of guests, Event Tents LLC is considered to be the people to put up tent(s) for your event.  Enjoy fantastic service and attention to detail so you can concentrate on family & friends!

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